About us


Longtime friends. Citizens of the world. Cigar aficionados. Enthusiasts of classic male elegance and a fancy way of living.


20150822- Tillmann -012Tomasz Sroka – cigar aficionado is his second name. He smokes cigars, collects them and can talk about them for hours. Not only is he known in London where he used to live, but he is also a familiar face for many in Maastricht, where he lives right now. Tomek loves Cuba, which is his second (or third?) home. Apart from cigars, he takes photos and shows them in numerous galleries worldwide. He believes that cigars bring people together.





Michał Kozański – likes writing and does it both professionally and for fun. Apart from it, he has a degree in American Literature and Culture which he takes advantage of among students during his classes. He devotes his free time to his own company – RE: Kreacja Stylu, which supports companies and managers in dealing with their professional image, dress code and business etiquette. Loves cigars and smokes them with class. He believes that they bring people together.





Marcin Długołęcki – does not smoke cigars. Despite being very tall, he does not go from tailor to tailor for his made-to-measure suits. So what does he do for Cigar&Tie? In short: he rides. Instead of a suit and tie, he prefers new personalized seats in his beloved Porsche 911. Luxurious cars are his greatest passion. He tests them, takes their photos and comments on them in his juicy articles. He believes that cars bring people together (both literally and figuratively).



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