Cigarette vs. cigar lounge

Despite the same main ingredient, cigars and cigarettes have always been standing in the opposite corners of a tobacco world. Cigarette with its vast mainstream business, billions of dollars made and millions of addicts involved, have always attracted neurotic people whose main aim was a quick and crude de-stressig response to their fast-paced, hectic lives. Cigars, on the other hand, have always been associated with a totally opposite approach – noble, smart and somewhat neat. 

That said, should those two completely opposite worlds meet each other in a place whose name refers directly to only one of them? Should cigar lovers and cigarette addicts meet each other in cigar lounges?

From the very beginning, I would like to state that this article was inspired by a few real-life events and situations, so if you wonder why I am asking, here is your answer – yes, I have experienced cases of letting cigarette addicts smoke their fags in cigar lounges. And yes, it annoys the hell out of me. Unfortuntely, I feel that despite the want to own a cigar lounge in a restaurant, their owners still have a vague idea of what they are dealing with (at least in Poland).

So if you are reading, here is the message: comparing cigarettes with cigars is like making the same with juiced beer and RM Louis XIII. Both include alcohol, right? If you want your restaurant to be perceived as a classy place where certain rules are not disobeyed, you will not allow to have both of them under your roof. The same applies to cigars and cigarettes in the same cigar lounge. Your lounge, usually with upholstered leather armchairs, five-star aesthetics and jazz music in the background, does not pair well with cigarettes and a vast majority of their owners. One smokes cigarettes because one has to and in orded to de-stress, while we smoke cigars because we want to and in order to relax. It makes a great difference.

So another time, if your guest wants to smoke “just one cigarette” in your cigar lounge, do not let them do so. If you do, it means that you do not understand cigars and their lovers. It also means that you do not deserve to own such a place.

What are your opinions, do you agree? Have you ever experienced similar situations?

Author: Cigar&Tie

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