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Not only is tobacco the most precious gem for cigar aficionados, but it is also one of the greatest ingredients in perfume industry. While being rarely used in mainstream perfumery, it is often blended by niche brands. Most of them have a scent based on tobacco or a tobacco leaf in their collections and even if they don’t, you can be sure that in the near future it will change.



I am going to present a few fragrances that are either tobacco-based or not, but have one common denominator – they do blend well with smoking cigars. Fragrances often bring back memories. That is why, apart from presenting them, I would like to evoke emotions and moments that stayed in my memory thanks to them. From among hundreds of scents, I picked only those tested ones. Do remember that this is a very subjective list and it does not mean that there is nothing more interesting or better.


Amouage – Journey

The first fragrance I picked is Journey Man by a niche luxury fragrance brand from Oman – Amouage. I remember wearing this fragrance during a wine tasting event. It was a cold evening and the event took place in an underground restaurant where they served delicious dishes paired with Sicilian wines. The mix of Sichuan pepper, cardamom and tonka was just perfect that day. Later on, when the fragrance sat on me and the heart and base notes came alive, I had a smoke. I remember the gorgeous smell of Cuban tobacco from my stick mixed with sweet notes of tobacco leaf, leather and incense coming from my skin.



Journey Man sits on your skin for 12+ hours and projects heavily for the first few, so be careful on a trigger. However, once you apply it on your skin, you will experience a real pleasure and you will get noticed. Apart from being extraordinary on itself, Journey Man is definitely a great fragrance for night-out, upscale occasions with a cigar in your hand.

Top notes: Sichuan pepper, cardamom, bergamot zest, neroli blossom

Heart notes: juniper berries, incense, geraniol, tobacco leaf

Base notes: tonka, cypriol, leather , musc



Atelier Cologne – Gold Leather & Tobacco Nuit

Atelier Cologne is a French niche house known for rather light and citrusy colognes. However, the brand’s portfolio is also rich in oriental-woody fragrances, which explore heavier and more precious ingredients. Personally, I’m a fan of Atelier Cologne. This is my favourite niche brand and I think that its perfumes have quality, depth and consistency. Among their citrusy colognes, I found two havier ones that would blend well with smoking cigars.

Gold Leather

Let’s start with Gold Leather. Despite its name, it is a semi-leather scent. Its main theme is oud mixed with sweet notes of plum and heavy dose of rum. The scent is sweet, boozy and delicious but not too liquorish – a note of eucalyptus refreshes the blend and gives it a kick. You can easily feel great quality of ingredients and certain sophistication while spraying Gold Leather.

I was wearing it during Hoyo de Monterrey Escogidos event in Warsaw (click for the ARTICLE). Not being a typical powerhouse (projection is average), the fragrance was surrounding me all the time and lasted on my skin 12+ hours despite the shower. Right now, it is my number one scent in a cigar-night-out scenario and one of the most favourite fragrences in general.



Top notes: bitter orange, saffron, rum, plum

Heart notes: artemisia, eucalyptus

Base notes: cedar, guaiac wood, oud, leather


Tobacco Nuit

The second fragrance of the house is based on a tobacco flower, sweet labdanum/olibanum/tonka combo and a little bit dirty cumin note. The tobacco is not dried yet, but still wet and full of aroma. Thanks to cumin, Tobacco Nuit is a little dirty and animalic, which for some people may be off-putting, but for others will be gripping and highly seductive. Yes, this fragrance can be seductive.



According to the brand, Tobacco Nuit (Eng.: Night Tobacco) should give you the climate of a jazz club full of people and cigar smoke. And it does just that. Tobacco Nuit will make a great company of a cigar and whisky while listening to jazz in a half-lit club or lounge.



Top notes: clementine from Italy, coriander, cumin

Heart notes: tobacco flower from Turkey, labdanum from Egypt, olibanum

Base notes: patchouli, cedar, tonka bean


Chanel – Egoiste

A mainstream classic. Created in 1990, Egoiste is one of the most polarizing fragrances in the game. People love it, people hate it. It is definitely a male scent – spicy, woody and very in-your-face. It projects like a beast and LASTS on your skin. Egoiste made this list because of the fact that its notes of rose/cinnamon/vanilla match cigar smoke very well.



It can be too noisy and irritating at times and that is why in order to apply it, I need to have “the day”. However, when it comes, there is nothing better I could wear.

Top notes: rosewood, coriander

Heart notes: Bulgarian rose, carnation, cinnamon

Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla, ambrette seeds


Dior Fahrenheit Le Parfum

The second mainstream fragrance on my list is a Fahrenheit’s flanker known as Fahrenheit Le Parfum by Dior. Despite being categorised “mainstream”, Le Parfum has more similarities with niche perfumery – its quality, performance, ingredients – all blended really well. The fragrance itself is all about suede/violet/rum/vanilla mixture. All notes play well together and give you the sweet/sophisticated vibe which one just cannot walk on by.



I remember wearing Fahrenheit Le Parfum during a meeting with Tomek while we were planning to start Cigar&Tie. We were smoking freshly-rolled sticks Tomek had just brought from Cuba, sipping Malbec and having great time together. That evening Tomek was wearing Black Orchid by Tom Ford, which I also included in my list. The extraordinary mix of cigar smoke, great perfumes and dry Malbec is the reason why I remember that moment so well. Fahrenheit Le Parfum will always bring me back to the beginnings of Cigar&Tie.



Top notes: suede, Sicilian mandarin, liquorice root

Heart notes: violet leaf, rum, coriander, caraway

Base notes: Bourbon vanilla


Tom Ford – Black Orchid EDP and Tobacco Vanille

Black Orchid EDP

Even though Black Orchid is categorized as a female fragrance, I see it as a unisex heading towards feminine side. But I can definitely see a confident man wearing it without constrains. One word that best describes it is “rich”. You can see it in the list of notes, you can easily smell this after application. I included it in my list due to this richness and one-and-only black truffle/dark chocolate/sandalwood blend that mixes with cigar smoke exceptionally well.



It is so rich and strong that powerful application can give you a headache, but on the other hand, blended with cigar smoke, it can give you a narcotic-like, hypnotizing and omnipresent aura you will remember forever.



Top notes: French jasmine, black truffle, bergamot, ylang-ylang, blackcurrant, Amalfi lemon,


Heart notes: black orchid, gardenia, lotus

Base notes:  patchouli, sandawood, dark chocolate, incense, amber, vetiver, vanilla, musc


Tobacco Vanille

Tobacco Vanille is one of the most well-known fragrances of all time and definitely the most popular Tom Ford’s perfume. It provides you with a scent of dried tobacco leaf blended with sweet, dried fruits and vanilla. It does not reflect the smell of cigars, but gives you a rather pipe-like tobacco flavour. However, it would blend well with cigar smoke and upholstered leather armchairs in your lounge.



Tobacco Vanille is a sweet, rich fragrance that projects heavily and lasts a very long time. It pierces through smoke with ease and surrounds you with one of the most yummy tobacco/vanilla cloud you have ever smelled. I just cannot evoke one particular moment when I used it while smoking cigars as those moments were numerous. So good is Tobacco Vanille!

Top notes: tobacco leaf, spicy notes

Heart notes: tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla, cacao

Base notes: dried fruits, woody notes



We used photos found on: google images, flickr and our instagram. 

The photo of a jazz musician was taken by our dear friend – Piotrek Banasik /

Thank you!

Author: Cigar&Tie

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