Our offer/tasting events


Our commercial offer consists of three fields:

  • consulting for cigar lounges, restaurants, events and individuals
  • presentations/tastings for groups during events
  • cigar trainings for waiters, waitresses and sommeliers



Consists of:

  • “building” made-to-measure cigar offer for cigar lounges, restaurants and individual clients
  • advising on cigar offer during events
  • trainings for restaurant staff providing basic knowledge of cigars and cigar etiquette





  1. Cigar savoir-vivre 
  • construction of a cigar and its relation to cigar etiquette,
  • the most important vitolas (sizes) and shapes of cigars,
  • how to start your “cigar journey”,
  • cigar as a perfect form of relaxation – the importance of time in cigar etiquette,
  • how to “open” a cigar and what to use in order to do so,
  • how to light up a cigar and what to use in order to do so,
  • the most frequent cigar faux-pas,
  • cigar pairing with food and drinks – basic rules,
  • is there any cigar dress code?


      2. Cigar pairing – presentation along with prepared menu (consulted and made-to-order), cigars and alcohol of the night

  • cigar philosophy,
  • construction of a cigar and the influence of its size, shape and the choice of tobacco leaves on its flavour,
  • pairing cigars with food and drinks – basic rules of foodpairing,
  • presentation of the cigar of the night,
  • presentation of prepared menu and drinks,
  • art of networking.


The presentation/tasting section is divided into two options: a shorter presentation and a longer training. Presentation is a summarised content and knowledge on a given topic, while training is an extended presentation with dedicated tasks. For both options there is approximate time provided. It means that the duration of a given presentation/training can change depending on individual preferences.

Prices are set individually.

For more details, please write directly to Michał Kozański: michal.kozanski@cigarandtie.pl or just phone us: (+48) 507 642 413

All presentations/trainings can be led in both Polish and English. Our base is in Tricity (Trójmiasto), however, our offer is available nationally in Poland.


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