Our philosophy


Cigar&Tie. A cigar and a tie. Our definition of style. Since we are males with broad horizons and plethora of interests, we have a pleasure of sharing a part of our world with you. The part that is close to a term “male elegance”. However, we are widening its meaning to things and topics that so far has been placed on the outskirts of popularity. Our ambition is to create a non-biased and the most opinion-shaping blog about cigars and classic elegance. We would like you to join us in our journey.

Cigar&Tie is a blog aimed at people seeking and enjoying elegance in their daily lives. Only here will you get first-hand cigar news, high-end “male topics”, quality photos and well-thought-out articles. Besides cigars and male elegance, you can find here articles dedicated to the best alcohol, extraordinary events in Poland and around the world as well as exceptional places and people promoting ideas we believe in.

Chekhov used to say that “brevity is the sister of talent”. That is why we would like to shorten our philosophy to one sentence:

Cigar is the greatest completion of a fancy lifestyle.


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